The Sisterhood

Why “Sisterhood” Is Important to me …

Sisterhood is a concept – an emotional place where women can come to feel safe, beautiful, empowered and never judged. It is a place where we bond together to lift each other up – to share our hope and dreams and to support one another along the way as we create and manifest them into our lives. It’s a place where we feel connected and beautiful – inside and out. The Sisters are everywhere. It’s you, it’s me, it’s our mothers, daughters, sisters, aunts, girlfriends and the women we haven’t met yet.

The Sisterhood is for connecting physically, emotionally and spiritually. It’s not about telling a Sister what to do and how to do it, its holding her hand and sending support and love as she tries new things and reaches for her dreams and visions.

A Sisterhood is a place where we bond together, help each other, pull each other up and consciously look through the lens of love, supporting each other no matter where we are, on our journey through life. It’s a place where if my Sister needs me, I’m there for her and she’s there for me.

Cheering her on … always positively not negatively.

Sharing our lights brightly, proudly, confidently and radiating an aura that cannot only be seen, but felt.

It’s seeing each other as the delightful gifts that we are. Just like a plethora of exquisite packages … some tall with shiny wrapping, some smaller with polka-dots, some wider and bigger with red ribbons, some rectangle with foil bows … all beautiful, all perfect, exactly how they are – each one a gift to this world in their own wonderful space.

Our vision of Sisterhood is where we come together and celebrate, and remember who we really are. Together, we gather strength, courage and confidence.

It’s me letting you be your own brand of beautiful, and you letting me be mine, and truly loving you because of it. Welcome to our family. We share in the joy of having you as one of our Sisters!

Stacia Rose / Sisterhood Jewelry
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